Low-energy home

Low-energy homes are energy-efficient and cost-effective homes that satisfy high environmental standards and offer a high level of comfort to the user due to their innovative approach to living, in a pleasant climate throughout the year.

They are also called cost-effective homes. The name comes from their extremely low consumption of energy. The costs of heating and cooling in such homes are 60-90% lower than in standard buildings: due to thermal insulation, the house does not use up more than 40 kWh, i.e. 2.7 litres of light distillate oil, per m2 per year. The cost-effective house does not use standard systems of heating and cooling – the priority in its design is the maximum use of solar energy, which is achieved by its south-southwest positioning. In addition to its energy efficiency, another reason why a low-energy home is an example of sustainable construction is its environmentally acceptable construction material and the rational use of the energy sources. A shorter construction time and lower costs of maintenance of such home should also be noted.

A low-energy home can be turned into a so-called passive house that uses only 15 kWh for heating, i.e. a litre of light distillate oil, per m2 a year. Such house is based on the concept of sealing and controlled ventilation: by installation of a ventilation system for recirculation of air and additional thermal insulation, a low-energy home simultaneously becomes an accumulation house, which means that it has the ability to retain thermal energy.

In terms of sustainability and cost-effectiveness, so-called zero energy homes go beyond the passive house – such homes produce all the energy needed for living independently, which makes them self-sufficient and independent in terms of energy. In some cases, they can even produce surplus energy.

In Croatia, which has not yet developed the system of inciting the construction of cost-effective homes, this trend is still young, but due to fast construction, comfort and minimum energy costs, the low-energy home is, in the long run, a lucrative investment, increasingly recognized by investors. Low consumption of energy can be attained in the reconstruction of the existing buildings, which opens up the possibility of turning your home into a cost-effective home.