About us

Fundamenta d.o.o. /Llc./ is a company with extensive experience in civil engineering. We execute projects in a competent and professional manner in all segments – from project supervision, obtaining of required permits and construction organization, to the construction itself and the sale of the completed building. From the very beginnings, we have had a network of quality subcontractors with whom we have cooperated in all our projects. Our priority are satisfied clients whose investment is matched by the quality they deserve and are entitled to.

Each new project is an opportunity to introduce cutting-edge and efficient solutions while paying a great amount of attention to feedback from our clients. We plan to focus on energy-efficient construction in the future, and taking into consideration environmental factors is something we are very proud of.

Since 2002, when it was founded, until today, the company completed four projects in Split and Solin: Sućidar buildings with eight apartments, Arapovac I with twenty-four apartments, Arapovac II with thirty-seven apartments, and Japirko with twenty-two apartments. In our new project in the Split neighbourhood of Žnjan, we have introduced new building technologies, creating smart and low-energy homes.

Our final goals are sustainable homes and satisfied clients aware of the advantages of their apartments.