Air conditioning

Air conditioning system in our projects is based on the Daikin Altherma air-air heat pump. This is a reliable power system that transforms the unused solar energy accumulated in your home into thermal energy. The quality and advantages of this top-quality technology, with 50 years of experience, has been recognized by a number of clients worldwide and the sale of these air conditioning systems keeps growing.

The final elements of the system – the radiators, i.e. Clima Canal ventilator convectors which are built into the floor – are fixed to the internal unit of the device and are easily reached. Apart from being almost completely silent and simple to maintain – they can be pulled easily out of their bed, if necessary – these air conditioning systems are also marked by minimum air flow, and another advantage is that they do not cause allergies.

The floor heat pumps are connected to the Jaga Low H2O wall radiators. These are made of aluminium and copper, which enables them to react to temperature change three times as fast as normal radiators. Therefore, you will be able to feel the change in temperature immediately when you turn them on, and due to the properly chosen method of energy transfer, the warm or cool air will spread evenly across the space.

When the sun warms up the space, these radiators quickly adjust the level of heating or cooling, keeping the room temperature constant, precisely as you chose it. This is what makes this air conditioning system practical and environmentally friendly, while reducing energy consumption.

Since this type of heating is five times more efficient than standard heating, the protection of nature is ensured, and minimum maintenance of these designer radiators is required, the Daikin Altherma heat pump is an excellent choice for all those who prefer green, energy-efficient living, while keeping the elegance and visual appeal of their living spaces.