Smart home

A smart home is a home in which lighting, heating, cooling, safety system, multimedia comprised in the house network and all electronic devices are connected into a single system. All these functions are managed by a uniform remote control or touch screen, while the heating, lights and safety system can be also controlled via text message or e-mail. This enables you to heat or cool your smart apartment before you come home and save energy, while staying comfortable. Fall asleep or wake up with your favourite music and pleasant temperature and listen to different kinds of music in every room from different sources, at a pleasant room temperature!

We particularly underline the safety features of a smart home – you can check upon your house at any time over the surveillance cameras, the flood and gas leak detectors will warn you of the danger wherever you are, and if you are afraid of burglaries despite your alarm system, you can set the lights, music etc. to turn on and off, to make it seem like you are home while you are away.

At Fundamenta, we use products of the company Control4 from the USA that produces smart electronics. When it comes to building a smart home, these products offer the widest range of controlling functions on the market.

Smart home solutions are tailored to each client, and your home will be designed especially for you, in accordance with your lifestyle. In addition to the sale of smart homes, we can also install the system when we build your home, which is what most clients opt for, aware of the implied comfort, safety and the energy saved. The wireless version of the smart home systems can be installed in the existing homes, transforming them into smart apartments or houses that will considerably reduce energy consumption and contribute to the comfort of living.

Once reserved for higher income households, the Control4 system is now available to wider population. If you decide to purchase a smart home or to install such a system, you will have complete control of your home, while reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort and safety of living.